Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Display youtube video in mvc using "YouTubePlayerHelper"

Here i am explaining how you can display youtube video in mvc page using "YouTubePlayerHelper". Using "YouTubePlayerHelper" you have to just pass youtube media file name and id of the player. You can also pass the you-tube player option like width, height, color and border which are optional.

How to used "YouTubePlayerHelper"in mvc page ?

It is simple just add namespace where your "YouTubePlayerHelper"class reside and then add the following code in your mvc page.

For "YouTubePlayerHelper" you can download from here.

<%@ Import Namespace="Lesson1.Helpers" %>
<%= Html.YouTubePlayer("test","3sdJtQWlVrI", new YouTubePlayerOption { Width = 480, Height = 385, PrimaryColor = System.Drawing.Color.White, SecondaryColor = System.Drawing.Color.Pink,Border= true })%>

Here i am just pass the youtube video file name "3sdJtQWlVrI" and pass the some option for displaying youtube video in my mvc page.

Here one question arise in your mide that Why i am creating "YouTubePlayerHelper" class?? It is simple to just right down the embedded code and give all the option and display youtube video just simple then.....

Because of creating "YouTubePlayerHelper" class is you have not right down the whole embedded code each and every page where you need ti display youtube video. If changes occurs in embedded code you have to just change "YouTubePlayerHelper" class nothing else.

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